It Looks Like Kareem Hunt Will Be A Cleveland Brown Again Next Year And That's Bad News For Everyone Else

So basically what I'm reading is that anyone can offer Kareem Hunt now, but the Browns have the right to match that offer. If the Browns decline to match that offer and he signs with someone else, we get their 2nd round pick. sounds like Kareem Hunt is going to be a Cleveland Brown next year. Right? We're either going to be able to sign him to a cheaper deal or take someone else's 2nd round pick, which I don't think they'll want to do.

 I mean, I do think Kareem Hunt is worthy of a 2nd round pick in the NFL Draft. If it were on talent alone, we'd be having to match some serious offers. He was the NFL's rushing leader at one point, and he was drafted in the 3rd round originally out of Toledo. The dude would get picked in the top 64 this year. But I also think that the risk this guy carries of having one more fuck up and being out of the league means that no one is going to bite at this. 

At least I hope so. Because at the end of the day, can anyone boast a better 1-2 punch in the league than Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt? That's what I learned from the 2nd round tender today.....the Browns have absolutely no plans of breaking these two up. And with Kevin Stefanski's new offense coming to town, I THINK the Browns are about to be dangerous. God damnit, I'm falling into the trap again, but how could I not? Like.....we have the talent that no other team in the NFL does on the offensive side of the ball. We have two All-Pro receivers. We have a former NFL rushing champ and last year's rushing runner-up (should've been champ). And we have a QB that threw a league record amount of touchdown passes in his rookie year. If he gets out of whatever type of sophomore slump he was in last year, the Browns are going to light up the scoreboard this year.

***as long as Kareem Hunt stops lighting up joints