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Foo Fighters Postpone Tour Dates With Statement From God Himself

Nice to hear that all is well and good with Dave in this crazy world right now, even if the Van Tour 2020 has been postponed.

This was a no brainer, and I know we’re all sick of coronavirus cancellation stories already, but I just wanted to toss it up on the blog to talk about how much I love Dave Grohl and how excited I am for this new Foo Fighters album for a second. 

About Dave - he’s just the fuckin best. I read that entire statement in his voice. It actually made me excited for the eventual autobiography he writes, because of how well he captures his own tone in writing. From the friendliness, to the self deprecation, to the rockstar verbiage on his broken leg - calling it a “sock full of broken bones” - to the upcoming record hype... 

...that shit sends me into a euphoric state that I could only imagine is comparable to reaching the pearly gates of heaven, and then being sucked back down to earth by a defibrillator when I’m reminded the album isn’t out yet and we know almost nothing about when it will be out! 

From the last I heard, we were to expect the first single off the new record on Friday, but if the corona delays it?! 

Pray for what I will do to this virus. Nothing gets between me and my Foo Fighters.