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Chicks Credit Card Gets Declined At McDonald's So She Loses Her Mind And Starts Punching Everything




Pretty sure everyone can level with this lady. If you’ve never had to deal with the embarrassment of getting your card declined then fuck you, you wouldn’t understand this video. It’s terrifying. The person working the register looks at you with these judgemental eyes and says “Um, it says declined” but you know they’re really thinking “You’re a poor piece of shit.” You immediately start to sweat and wonder what everyone else in the store is whispering about you. It’s truly horrible. Sometimes I’ll try and explain it away and say that I made a big purchase recently and it must have just gone through, or I’ll pull out my phone and say “hang on, let me just shuffle some funds” as if I’m some international stock broker who doesn’t have enough for a goddamn cheeseburger in his checking account. But it always ends the same way: with you, walking out of the store, slumped shouldered and empty handed while everyone else laughs at you for being poor.


UNLESS you throw a piss fit and start punching everything in arms reach. Then, oh then, you leave the impression of a maniac rather than a poor person. Flipped the script right on its head. That night everyone is telling the story about the crazy lady in McDonalds who tried to fight everyone, and that’s a whole lot better than being remembered as the poor lady in McDonalds who couldn’t pay for a BigMac then tucked tail and walked out hungry.