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I'm With This Lady. It Should Not Be Illegal To Threaten To Kill People Who Wake You Up Too Early




I am TOTALLY on board with this chick. Right now, they’re tearing up the street right outside my bedroom. Every morning I wake up to the trucks getting going at like 6:30 and then they all stand around, talking loudly, and waiting for the clock to hit 7 AM so they can start jackhammering. It’s fucking hell. From about 7:15 to 8 every day I lay in bedtrying to bury my head in pillows and yelling DUUUUUUUDEEEEEEE SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP. The fact that workers can start using loud machines like leaf blowers, weed whackers, back hoes and jackhammers so early is insane. There’s gotta be other shit you can do until like 9 AM. And if you can’t find any busy work, that’s fine. Do what ya gotta do. But just know that what me and Gina gotta do is put an unloaded gun to your head and threaten to blow your brains all over that neatly manicured lawn.