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Three Years Ago Today: Riggs And I Went To Times Square And Golfed During A Blizzard

Holy shit! Three years ago! Young Robbie Fox as the Fore Play producer! Going out during that blizzard and playing golf in Times Square both feels like yesterday and 10 years ago. I had just moved to NYC a couple months before and, much to my mother's chagrin, was already risking my life for content. I vividly remember sleeping in Erika's office a the old Barstool HQ and waiting until around 4am when blizzard Stella was at her strongest. We trekked out into the snowy weather like a bunch of hooligans and hit tennis balls around Times Square. I also remember being weirded out by how empty the streets of Manhattan were during the storm. Pretty ironic given the situation we're currently going through.

It was all worth it because we made it to the print version of Time magazine 

Fast forward to present day Fore Play and we've got a full 18 holes with Kevin Kisner and Scott Brown