After Deep Thought, My Taylor Swift Songs Bracket Is Now Official

Not a lot of people know this, but I'm a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. Obviously the Bruins are my life, but when you peel back the layers I have a few favorite artists. Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift are probably Top 3. It's a scary time right now with a lot of uncertainty, but when I saw this come through on Twitter yesterday morning it put a huge smile on my face. So I thought I'd write a blog with my bracket. Big shout out to Tom Ziller for making this and helping me pass some time. 



Top left. A lot of bangers. STRONG No. 1 seed. 

You Belong With Me has more than 1B streams on Youtube. BILLION.

But I have the classic 'Our Song' upsetting YBWM in the 2nd round. 

Our Song just brings me back to high school just blasting it and screaming it at the top of my lungs. Pure nostalgia.

Another upset is Long Live taking down We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

This was easy for me, it's crazy that Long Live was a 15 seed! 15!!!! I love old Taylor I guess.


Not as strong as the top left, but still some unbelievable songs in the bottom left.

Once again the top seed gets upset in the 1st round. This is probably a controversial take but Shake It Off just doesn't do it for me. Breathe is yet another CLASSIC. While it's not as good as Long Live or Our Song. I still like it way more than Shake It Off. 

I really really really loved the new album Lover. Definitely a top 3 album for me. So it's not a huge shock that Paper Rings and Lover advanced. Lover is in my Final Four. Fifteen made it to the Elite 8 but again, Lover is so damn good.


A bunch of classics in this side of the bracket. For the first time I do advance a 1 seed past the first round.

I Knew You Were Trouble was once again peak high school for me BUT the 13 seed Eyes Open would advance to the Elite 8. I actually don't know how Tim McGraw wasn't the 1 seed. 

Unfortunately All Too Well and Tim McGraw were pitted against each other. 

I still can't believe All Too Well is just a 6 seed. Just a beautifully written song. Probably the best she's ever written.

"Maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much but maybe this was a masterpiece until you tore it all up…"

I mean. I don't have the words to do this song justice. We've all felt like a crumpled up piece of paper just lying there.

Also if you didn't put a reference to the song 22 as a caption on your 22nd birthday are you really a Taylor Swift fan?


Once again the No. 1 seed advances past the first round but gets dethroned.

Two absolute bangers in Love Story and Mean going up against each other. If someone didn't mash up Wiz Khalifa with Mean I would probably pick Love Story.

I also fought myself with Red vs. Blank Space. But Blank Space is again, one of my favorite songs all time. Has a whopping 2.5B streams on Youtube. 1.5B more than You Belong With Me!

Bad Blood not making a run is also disappointing. But hey. Welcome to my brain.


(8) Our Song vs. (15) Long Live

(8) Fifteen vs. (3) Lover

(13) Eyes Open vs. (6) All Too Well

(8) Mean vs. (2) Blank Space


(8) Our Song vs. (3) Lover

(6) All Too Well vs. (2) Blank Space

An 8 seed vs. a 6 in the final! Honestly not a shabby final four. Four completely different songs too.


Two classics going head to head. But there you have it, folks.

All Too Well. The best Taylor Swift song on the planet according to my brain.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Now that I've completed it it's tough that Back To December didn't go on a run.  (also I realized I fucked up Ready For It?/ Picture To Burn. I would've picked Picture To Burn but Story Of Us would have still advance. tysm)

Also shout out to the person in the comment section who mentioned Enchanted is even on here!!!!!!

If anything hopefully you've just gone down a Taylor Swift rabbit hole to help pass the time. Also curious what Ellie and the Nate Dogg think!? Would love to see their brackets.

p.s I may or may not be going to Taylor Swift 2 days before my wedding. #priorities. (hopefully both things don't get canceled). Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

(h/t Tom Ziller/Twitter)