Liverpool's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Is Absolutely Dominating The Dance Game Whilst EPL Is Suspended

I. Love. This. Video.

I think I've literally watched this video no less than five hundred times this morning. Sure, it didn't help that every time it ended, twitter just replayed the video. One could argue that I should've just clicked out, that I could've stopped watching it at any point in time. To that I say: how could I possibly click away from this fucking witchcraft?? I've watched this video a million times and I'm still not convinced it's real. 

You're telling me that people can just move their bodies like that? I must've missed that day in school or something because my range of motion makes the tinman look like fucking Shakira. If I even so much as tried to move my body in such a manner, I'd crumple like a piece of paper. My body would shut that shit down so quick it wouldn't even be funny. 

Once you actually break it down, the dance doesn't actually look too hard. It's just a couple steps up a set of stairs but the way Ox and wife just dominate the stairs is what makes this video so mesmerizing. It doesn't even look like they're moving. It looks like the fucking stairs are moving and they're just kind of kicking their legs.

I know that if I was to try this I'd probably end up slipping and dying. It's that or I just look like the biggest fucking loser of all time. So yeah, I don't think it's for me. There's no way it'd end with any other result than me regretting my decisions.

PS- As with most of these tik tok/dancing videos, I wonder how many times it took them to do this successfully. I like to imagine it's very stereotypical. They mess up several times, get into an argument over who messed it up, oftentimes someone makes it too personal. I just like to think of arguments between takes into big ole smiles during the takes. Wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibilities