The Giants Will Sack Leonard Williams With The Franchise Tag

Thank GOD! Don't get me wrong, I'm not overly thrilled that the Giants are going to be spending between $16 to almost $18 million for Leonard Williams next season, depending on if he appeals to be labeled as a DE instead of a DT.

But I am just happy this entire fiasco is behind us for now. Dave Gettleman didn't trade two draft picks for a guy that would leave the Giants after half a season and Big Blue will either have Williams playing for a big pay day this season or will work out a long-term deal by this summer for a fairer number. Not quite win/win but definitely not lose/lose. I know Williams hasn't been the player everyone thought he would be when the Jets drafted him. But the amount of bitching about the trade by Giants fans has made it seem like Leonard Williams is the Ereck Flowers of defensive linemen or some shit. Lets at least see what a guy with Williams' skillset looks like with a couple new teammates the Giants cap room and draft can give him along with having this maniac as his position coach:

I am officially instituting a Leonard Williams complaints lockdown for all Giants fans at noon today. Get your gripes in now or be forced to appear before Joe Judge who will look at you with his angry stoic Joe Judge look if we can make it past the security at Giants HQ during a pandemic. You know the exact look I'm talking about, one that was forged from years of working for Bill Belichick and Nick Saban.

Now lets go spend the rest of this cap room wisely because In Gettleman We Trust Believe Hope?

P.S. Did I use the word "Sack" in the headline of this blog to try to turn those infamous Leonard Williams QB Pressures into Leonard Williams Sacks using blogger osmosis? Maybe, maybe not, maybe fuck yourself.