Drunk Body Builder Finally Snaps, Takes On Waves Of Traffic, Punches A Car And Gets A Pepper Spray Facial


Mirror- This is the moment a drunk Russian tough guy took on the town centre traffic – and lost. Bodybuilder Roman Aliyev, 47, stands in front of three lanes of traffic waiting for the lights to change, then challenges cars, a bus, vans and a motorbike as they try to speed past him. It could be a scene from the latest Grand Theft Auto video game, but it’s much funnier. He flags down a white saloon and – in a scene straight from Super Street Fighter 2 – he pounds the bonnet like Car Smash Ken and then kicks the driver’s door before opening it.

Full day!  Lift some weights, shoot up some steroids, get black out drunk and then wander out into traffic and start punching cars and buses.  Irrefutable evidence that mixing booze and steroids is a bad idea.  They touch on it in the article but it really is like a scene from GTA.  We’ve all had days that were so frustrating you go home, fire up GTA and just go fucking nuts.  No better way to let out the rage hovering beneath the surface.  Just like this guy.  You stand in the middle of an intersection and start ripping people out of their cars and assaulting them.  He even did the thing where you try and knock a person of their motorcycle but they shove you away and zip off.  Hate when that happens.  The difference of course between us and this guy is we do it on a video game system and he did it in real life.  The other difference is he got his mouth washed out with pepper spray and I usually eat Cheetos when I play GTA.

Kids, don’t do steroids.