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There's Something Going On Between Tyler C And Hannah B And I'm All For It

Yes! This is the couple we always wanted! This is the couple we would've had if dumbass Jed Wyatt didn't exist! Seriously, picture a world where Jed and his stupid dog food jingle don't exist. Hannah B picks Tyler C at the end of her season and they live happily ever after. Instead, Jed doesn't tell Hannah B about his girlfriend back home, she picks him at the end of her season instead of Tyler, Hannah finds out about Jed's girlfriend, breaks off the engagement but it's too late despite Tyler and Hannah agreeing to grab a drink. Tyler goes off for a little bit and dates Gigi Hadid and whoever else but now, we've got a second chance! Tyler C and Hannah B have been spotted all over the place. Well maybe not all over the place but most certainly in that video above. They're hanging out! They're getting to know each other! And this is just the time cameras caught them together. Who knows how long or often they've been hanging out lately.

Not to mention Tyler's best friend Matt James (and contestant on the upcoming/whenever it airs season of The Bachelorette) posted a picture with Hannah B

So they're clearly all hanging out together. My opinion on the rekindling of a Hannah B and Tyler C relationship? I'm all for it. Like I said, this is the couple we should've gotten out of Hannah's season but it got all fucked up by that idiot Jed. It didn't look like it was ever gonna happen but now we've got video of Tyler packing up a car with Hannah's belongings down in Florida where Tyler lives. And I gotta say, it looked like she brought enough stuff for an extended visit. Maybe they've decided to practice social distancing together? Nothing can make or break a new relationship quite like a global pandemic that forces people to hang out with each other. I guess we'll see what happens.