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We’re All Gonna Die: Disney Holds Packed “Farewell” Party

This is a “really?” moment like you read about. The whole world is shut down, Disney decided to say fuck it and hold the biggest gathering of people in the universe? For what reason? To say bye to them?

I’m no expert on the disease but the lack of crowds thing makes perfect sense. If one person has it in a crowd of 10,000, this disease can spread like wild fire. And what are all these people at Disney going to do? Go back to their hometowns and spread it there.

This whole situation is a mindfuck to me. I hate telling people what to do or having a government with the power to tell them what to do. If you want to go to Disney, that’s your right. BUT when we are running out of hospital beds thanks to this virus what should we do? Shut it all down? Seems like it. NYC is closing all bars and restaurants. That makes sense, but those private businesses just being able to be shut down by a mayor with the snap of his fingers? Then again this is a public health risk. If you knowingly spread a disease I’m pretty sure that’s against the law. Most people don’t know they have this so it’s probably best to shut it all down.