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The Lingerie Football League Challenges Ray Rice To Play For One Game... Alllllright Girls, Let's Relax Just A Bit





Time to pump the brakes, LFL. I get that you’re marketing geniuses and this was deigned to go viral and all that, but let’s not say something we might regret. Because you do understand Ray Rice would take your head off, right? I don’t mean in an elevator or anything like that, I mean on an HB dive. He would lower his shoulder and murder anyone in the LFL who tried to tackle him. That’s a fact. I think even the girl reading this teleprompter understands that, that’s why she’s practically shaking while she says it. She’s thinking “Oh my fucking God what if he says yes? What in the hell am I gonna do then? I’ll get killed, that’s what.” So I’m all for girls playing football and girls sticking up for themselves and being very angry with Ray Rice. But acting like an internet tough guy and challenging him to a game? HA!