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Reader Email – Should I Hire This Guy?

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Reader Email 

Subject Header – I dated a Victoria Secret Super Model for 4 Years (we lived together for 2 of the 4)

Good day David-

My name is John, I’m originally from the DMV area but moved to NYC in 2000.

I am interested in joining your team.

In addition to the subject header, here are a couple additional facts about myself….

- I was a sports bookie for 3 years (Statue of limitations is up)

- I went to 4 colleges, WVU being one and got kicked out for partying too much, amongst other things (Yes, that means I probably partied harder than anyone in the nation at that time)

- I finally got my act together and graduated with a Finance degree in 4.5 years and worked my way up to a VP at JP Morgan. I worked on Wall Street, more specifically, in Mortgage Backed Securities (the main reason for our country’s economic demise).

- I played a year of DII football at one of the 4 colleges and was also an All Star Lax player in High School. I ran a 4.5 40 yard dash.

- I am very well connected to one of the hottest DJs in the world, I am connected to just about every nightclub worth knowing in NYC, AND I also know a plethra of smoking hot girls (models and regular hot girls) . I hook up with a different girl at least once a week and usually twice.. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED VIDEO WHICH HAPPENED THIS PAST SUNDAY NIGHT WITH A RANDOM GIRL I MET THAT NIGHT AFTER BEING AT BOUNCE ALL DAY

- I am good friends with the owner’s of BOUNCE, who also know a ton of sports figures

- I am a sports and girl fanatic so I’m a natural Stoolie

- Just this Saturday night (the night prior to the Jets first home game), I attended the 1st wedding at MetLife stadium which my friend rented out for 200 people. SEE ATTACHED PHOTO (I’m the one that brought the football to the wedding)


- I have access to sports figures in NYC whether that means local sports figures or visiting. I party with all of them.

I have an idea I would like to discuss with you that would increase traffic flow exponentially and I have the means to do it.

Would you have time for a 15 minute call today (9/10) at 3pm EST to discuss further?

Thank you,





HARDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!    And by the way he did attach a video of a naked chick passed out lying on his bed. Again HARDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


PS –  I’m not sure whether he was trying to be funny by adding his 40 time in there, but a 4.5 40 is impressive any way you slice it.