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Minnesota Waitress wins $11.7 Million Lotto Jackpot, Keeps Her Old Job and Old Life





SOURCE – A waitress who won an $11.7 million jackpot is doing the last thing anyone would expect, and returning to work after her big lottery payday. Rhonda Meath, 51, of Bethel, Minnesota, says nothing is different now that she, and retired husband Joe, have a lot more bucks in their bank account. ‘Have to still mow the grass and get mail and put grandkids on the school bus,’ the incredibly sensible and down-to-earth mom of four said after her big win. And a big part of keeping things the same for Meath is getting back to work at the Lake Elmo Inn in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. ‘I actually really enjoy my job,’ Meath told KSTP-TV. ‘I have great friends here and a great boss, and it’s just really a fantastic place to work, so I have no plans of leaving.’ The couple, who will actually get to keep all their winnings because Hot Lotto pays their state and federal taxes, don’t even plan on any making any big purchases or splurges with their newly acquired funds, saying they will make a few charitable contributions and get a new car.


This lady might be the biggest idiot on the entire planet. You don’t get almost $12 million tax-free and decide to keep your old, shitty life working at an old, shitty diner in your cold, shitty town. You’re rich now. Literally the whole point of being rich is that you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. The fact that Rhonda is content to just continue slangin eggs all day for $3 an hour while freezing her labia off in Bumfuck, Minnesota is infuriating. It’s like she doesn’t even get that money is the best thing in the world and that she has a ton of it now: “Still gotta mow the lawn and get the mail and drive the kids to school!” Hey, dumb fuck, no you don’t. That shit is a boring fucking pain in the ass which is why rich people pay someone else to do it for them. Rhonda Meath keeping her same old life while watching $12 million sit in her checking account is basically her giving anyone who has ever bought a lotto ticket a mushroom stamp right on the forehead. If you’re not going to change anything about your miserable, godforsaken life, then don’t but a ticket in the first place. It’s disrespectful and selfish. How about next time instead of buying a ticket you just set your $5 on fire and let someone win who would actually take advantage of it/blow through it all in 8 months like an adult.