Wake Up With Game 7 Of The 2014 World Series

We need this right now. A full baseball game, I hope MLB puts more of these full games on Youtube too. Midas whale start this weird ass week with one of the best games in the last few years, Royals - Giants Game 7 from 2014. I was still in the process of healing my broken heart over the Orioles getting swept by the Royals, so this wasn't a good World Series for me. We had an all time ending in this one as Alex Gordon almost played hero when the Royals were down to their last out. He laced a ball and had the center fielder in no mans land, ball flew right by him. Right fielder tried to pick it up and booted it as well. I think everyone and their mother thought Gordon was gonna try and tie the game. Instead he held up at third, and Sal Perez fouled out to Pablo Sandoval to end it. Couple that story line with Madison Bumgarner coming out of the pen and this was one of the best games in some time. 

Shout out Rikk Wilde