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In the Most Tone Deaf Move Since The Last Thing The NFL Did Today The Cardinals Sign Chris Rainey To Their Practice Squad Who Has Been Accussed Multiple Times of Domestic Violence



PFT - The NFL may some day have a zero tolerance policy toward players who are accused of domestic violence. But that day is not today. For evidence, look no further than the Cardinals’ decision to sign running back Chris Rainey to their practice squad today. Rainey has twice been kicked off football teams over allegations of domestic violence. Rainey was a fifth-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2012, and shortly after his rookie season ended, the Steelers cut him when he was accused of slapping his girlfriend. He later pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct in connection with that incident. In 2010, Rainey was kicked off the team at Florida after he was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated stalking after allegedly sending threatening text messages to a woman he had been dating. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stalking charge. Rainey also had two other run-ins with the law during his rookie season with the Steelers, and he cut by the Colts last month for disciplinary reasons.


On the outside looking in I know this doesn’t seem like the best timing here. BUT to the Cardinals defense there is no tape of Rainey beating any women up.  Not yet at least.  So no tape, no crime. Got to let a playa play. At least that’s the world Roger Goodell has created.