Katie Nolan's Rant On The Ray Rice Issue Is Blowing Up



No joke we’ve spent the last hour at BSS World HQ’s debating this video.  Feits and Salesguy love it.   Me not so much.   Here is my thing.   I don’t know what her rant has to do with Ray Rice and domestic abuse.  I mean I may be a pea brain but I think Katies argument is that women need to have more roles in sports entertainment?  Not relegated to just sideline reporters or throwing questions to an all male panel.  I’m of the belief that network executives will do whatever they can to get the best ratings.   As a guy 95% of the time I’d rather listen to guys talk about sports and call games.   Don’t get me wrong there are some women I think are great.   Doris Burke, Jackie McMullan, Suzy Kolber etc.   They can all go toe to toe with anybody.  I actually think Katie can hold her own with anybody.   Hell I’d hire her ass in a heartbeat here because I think she’d fit in perfectly. But it kind of felt like she wants Title IX for women in sports entertainment .   That I don’t agree with.   If you tell me a woman will get ratings I’ll hire her.    But women complaining that you need more women in sports always ignores the fact that men make up 90% of the audience and men prefer listening to men.  It would be no different than men complaining they want somebody on the View to talk about girly things.

But that’s not even really my point.  I think the women in sports is a fair argument for her to make, but I just don’t think it has anything to do with Ray Rice and domestic abuse.  I don’t see the connection.   It almost felt like she bait and switched  me here.  The title of the video is “Why Boycotting the NFL Because of Ray Rice is Not the Answer.”   Well what is the answer then?   It’s just a gigantic mental leap for me to say having more women in  “Big Boy Desk” roles would change anything in this particular case.  Both men and women alike were equally appalled by it.   Roger Goodell fucked up plain and simple, but I don’t think it’s fair to say him knowing he didn’t have to answer to any women in the media factored into his decision making process.   If anything I’d guess the reason he tried to hide it in the first place was so he didn’t have to answer to the media.  I guess I just think Katie’s main point about needing more females “on the desk” is unrelated to domestic violence.  It’s just two totally different issues in my mind.

PS – I will say the “Your Move Fox” angle when clearly Fox approved this and is gonna put her on the panel was well played.   But she should be on the desk because she’s funny, quick on her feet, and well spoken.  Not because there aren’t enough women on the panel or because of this rant.