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Are Penn State Students Seriously Holding A Rally Demanding The Return of the Joe Paterno Statue Right Now? Is This Fake Life Stuff?



See this is why Penn State can’t have nice things. I mean is Penn State serious right now? They want the Joe Paterno statue back? Umm just be happy the NCAA lifted the sanctions and call it a day.  Because newsflash today doesn’t change the fact that Joe Paterno was an enabler to the biggest child rape story in the history of college athletics. It doesn’t change the fact he turned a blind eye to it all. It doesn’t change the fact he knew about it and didn’t do anything to stop it or report it to the cops. So why don’t you just go back to your dorms and be happy that it’s a new dawn at Penn State.  But spare me the JoePa chants.  He failed in the important job a coach can have. He failed at protecting kids from getting ass raped in the football locker room.  His legacy is tarnished forever and there is no statue or chants that can ever change that.



Thanks to Drew