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Mike Wallace Isn't About to Beat the Patriots Without Going All 3rd Person on Everybody's Ass



I have to give grudging respect where it’s due. When you beat Darrelle Revis to the tune of 7 catches and a win, you earn the right to talk about yourself in the third person. But as egomanical self-references so, “Here’s the thing about Mike. Mike don’t ever fear nobody…” isn’t all that impressive. Some of us here once heard Wade Boggs work three of them into the same sentence with his ground-breaking “All Wade Boggs needs to do is to start having Wade Boggs at bats like Wade Boggs is capable of.”  That’s a record that may never be broken.  But let this be a lesson to The Island: This is how guys act when they beat the Patriots.  You’re not with the Jets any more.  Every one of our losses is someone else’s Super Bowl.  If you don’t want to hear this nonsense all season, you’ve got to step it up.  @JerryThornton1



Editor’s Note.  Jimmy’s getting mad Jerry didn’t work in a Jimmy reference.