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The NFLPA Passed The CBA Which Means We Have 10 More Years Of NFL Football Coming (Along With 17 Game Seasons And 14 Playoff Teams)

The big C-Word may have taken away all of our March sports but it appears we won't have a strike or lockout taking away the NFL anytime soon thanks to a margin thinner than a Goodell pubic hair. 

We can debate whether extra wild card teams starting this year or 17 game seasons starting in 2021 is good or bad for the league since there's nothing else to talk about in the sports world right now. But not having to worry about losing NFL football because of money for the next decade is a huuuuuge W in my book.

Now lets figure out how the hell we can get the next league year started so NFL free agency can fill in all the holes bitch boy covid riddled the sports world's body with.