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The Video Of Ray Rice Knocking His Fiance Out Has Been Released And It's More Sickening Than You Thought

There’s no way the NFL can keep this at two games, right? I don’t know if you’re allowed to change a suspension once it’s been handed down but they obviously need to. That was disgusting. A full fucking roundhouse to a defenseless chick deserves more than a 2 game suspension, it deserves more than a lifetime suspension, what I just watched deserves jail time. But hey, at least she apologized to the Ravens for the role she played in the incident. She’d be classless not to, right Stephen A? Don’t provoke your man/walk towards him



Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.01.42 AM




PS – I’m not the type of guy to have a conscience very often, but it kinda does make me sick that I’ll be pissed off about this all day then will get so excited once I hear “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALLLLLLL?!?” tonight.



PPS – I’ve watched a few times now, and Peter King has said that Goodell had seen the entire tape before handing out his two game suspension, so Goodell needs to be fired/step down, right? There’s no way you can remain head of the league. Not after this. Ray Rice spits on his wife in the first 10 seconds, KOs her, acts as if nothing happened then drags a lifeless body from an elevator. You CANNOT say “2 games is fair” after watching that. YOU CANNOT.