Texas Grocery Store Hires Mariachi Band To Ease Tensions Of The Long Lines For Booty Wipe And Lube

God damn, I love Texas. H-E-B is a core aspect of our daily lives here. As the saying goes, don’t trust a Texan who doesn’t shop at HEB.

Even in times of struggle, HEB can figure it out. Pandemic looming? We’ll restock at 2am and be ready for the day tomorrow. Out of toilet paper? Check the end cap on aisle 4. Feeling anxious in line whilst violating the principle element of social distancing? Well, there’s not much the can do about that but they can make your ears jingle with a TexMex flare. Gotta love it. I do. Viva and what have you.

I threw in the line about lube for shock value. That being said, I do hope you guys fuck tonight. That’d be sick. Love smashing tbh