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Hey There, Yoo-hoo: We Got A Concrete Saw

Honest to god, I had no idea this was a thing. I watch saw videos all the time but this one put my dick in a log splitter and spit it all the way across the family farm. A chainsaw. A concrete wall. WHEW! 

If you would have walked up to me at my local gas station whilst I was pumping diesel into my 2004 F-250 and asked if I liked concrete chainsaws, I would have looked at you like you had an unbelievably perfect penis growing from between your eyes. Weird look. You know the one. 

I would have expected the chain to spit and sputter whilst risking life and limb of all around. They’ve done it, though. Those mother fuckers with Husqvarna have done it again. Absolutely incredible and it certainly lifts my spirits on what people are calling final Friday. I think there will be more Fridays but never again will we experience the first time we saw a concrete chainsaw with a built in water lube tube. Good work, everybody.