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Introducing The Biggest Bully On Planet Earth And Yes, He's A Lacrosse Player'll tell you what--I am so friggin' happy that I finished playing lacrosse at a competitive level years ago. Because the kids that are playing these days? Woahhhhhhh buddy. We've got some full blown fucking maniacs playing this sport today. And sure, there were some animals who have always been playing the game but years ago, this kid right here has a full ride to play defensive end at an SEC school and he doesn't even THINK about playing lacrosse. But nowadays? The sport is filled with athletes and its filled with killers. The biggest bully in America is a lacrosse player and that's just the natural progression of life. Given the fact that so many more athletes are playing 4 years of college lacrosse now before playing a 5th year in another sport, I think we'll start to see more and more of absolute monsters like this sick bastard going the college lax route in the future. Chris Hogan, Pat Spencer, Jared Bernhardt, whoever this weapon is. What a beast. 

P.S. - Even the most staunch lax haters right now will take lacrosse highlights over no sports. Checkmate, bitches. Sport of the future, confirmed. 

P.P.S. - A Friday night blog at 10:20pm when no pro sports are being played? Not to brag or anything but some guys are just addicted to the game.