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The Yankees Will Retire Jeter's Number On Sunday Because Who Cares About Actually Retiring First?




Newsday – Derek Jeter’s No. 2 will be retired on Sunday when the Yankees honor their shortstop, a source familiar with the team’s plans said last night. Jeter, in his 20th and final season, will become the 19th Yankee to have his number retired.

And I thought the Yankees wearing Jeter patches like he was dead was bad. This is puke city. Seriously the Yankees are becoming JC Penny. Just a low end chain department store for poor people. (Apologies to anybody who shops there) I mean how can you retire his number when he’s still an active player? Does that mean he can’t wear it the rest of the season? What gives? Just a disgusting display of disgustingness. I mean for a franchise and a player that is supposed to be all about class this has been the most classless, in your face retirement tour in the history of retirements since last year when Rivera retired. Makes Brett Favre look subtle by comparison.  I mean the Yankees are still in the god damn wild card race. How about concentrating on that? There will be plenty of time to honor Jeter after he retires, but that’s the whole point. You got to wait till he stops playing. Welcome to Yankee Stadium/Kmart.

PS – Yeah I know they did the same thing with Rivera last year.  I puked then too.