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Two Times 'The Simpsons' Predicted Coronoavirus (Plus Bonus Tom Hanks) Take You Into the Weekend

Once again we're presented with the rip in space/time that "The Simpsons" is somehow able to travel through at will and predict our future with alarming accuracy. "Marge in Chains," from May of 1993, in which Homer orders a juicer from the Far East (Japan in this case) and a factory worker with the flu coughs into the box, infecting everyone in Springfield. And "The Fool Monty" from November 2010, which begins with TV executives needing a crisis to drive ratings:

 so they create a House Cat Flu, with the help of the Center for Disease Misinformation. 

I suppose you could argue that when you've been on for over 30 years and 680 episodes, eventually it's a "infinite monkeys at infinite keyboards will eventually type all of Shakespeare's works" scenario. But to me this is all just a product of great writing. And the actual world being more surreal than a cartoon. 

Finally, I think this falls more into the realm of being pure coincidence. But it's still eerie, all things considered. 

Have a great weekend. Wash your hands.