Military Members Share The Craziest Lies That People In Their Units Ever Got Caught Up In

The military turns everything simple into a needlessly complicated acronym or fancier-sounding term, and today on ZBT the topic was "Integrity Violators"... That's the military way of saying, "liars", at least in the Marines. 

And in a world with a separate set of laws where you can get charged for being late, cheating on your spouse, and a wide array of other infractions that the civilian sector doesn't worry so much about, the pressure to follow rules is much higher.. Small mistakes can ruin your career. 

Thus... covering one's ass & lying is the final resort for some who've gotten themselves into wacky/desperate situations they mayyyybe shouldn't have been involved with in the first place. 

On my own end, my old unit had a Cpl. who lied about losing his NVGs [night vision goggles]. Turns out he was trying to sell them on E-Bay. He was also paying for a boob job for his wife at this time. Coincidence? Who knows. But he for sure got caught & went to the brig [jail] right quick. 

We also asked our listeners for their input & as usual they did not disappoint...

Among some of the answers... 

A woman in the Air Force faking cancer so convincingly that half her unit shaved their heads & wore bracelets in her honor (she was fine), a young Marine who stabbed himself in the leg & said he was attacked by a homeless man because he needed an excuse for being late (you gotta respect the dedication to that lie), and a group of higher ranking men caught cheating on their annual physical fitness tests because they were too out of shape (they did not get in trouble for it, go figure)... 

Whether you served or not the stories only get crazier from there & you can hear them on the latest episode. Like & subscribe! 

In closing, please send your Ts&Ps to the military members stuck on base this weekend because of Coronavirus. They are no doubt being forced to bleach every nook & cranny of their crusty old barracks.