Spooky Ghost Is On the Move #TheFappening




 Read This Explanation on the Underground Trading Ring That Exists on the Deep Black Internet And It Will Blow Your Mind


DM – The chief hacker who organized the theft of private nude pictures of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton has gone on the run. The anonymous individual, who sparked the scandal on Sunday after dumping dozens of naked photographs of female celebrities onto the 4chan online forum, took to the ‘deep web’ where the images are thought to have first been posted a week ago to say he had to ‘move location’. In the post thread written just after midnight on Monday, the anonymous hacker said that he will be moving to another location before seeming to threaten to upload more compromising images – asking for bitcoin (BTC) donations from those willing to pay to see. ‘Guys, just to let you know I didn’t do this by myself,’ wrote the deviant hacker.’There are several other people who were in on it and I needed to count on to make this happened (sic).’This is the result of several months of long and hard work by all involved. We appreciate your donations and applaud your excitement. Exchanged on the deep web black market and deviant message boards specializing in stolen ‘revenge porn’ photography, the compromising pictures have been used as a currency of sorts among perverted members of these forums. Indeed, in the aftermath of Sunday’s mass dumping of naked pictures, these boards have descended into anarchy and infighting, with a civil war erupting between those who leaked the pictures and those furious their sordid, secret game has been thrown into the public eye.


I kind of said this yesterday on our special rundown edition of “The Fappening”. It’s not the naked pictures that have me captivated with this story. It’s the deep black web market that I can’t get enough of. I honestly get nervous just writing about them.  Like an internet missile will get launched threw my window before I press publish on this blog.  It’s 4 chan. It’s Anonymous. It’s all the places on the internet that are part urban legend, part ghost story, and part true.  Like what would happen if I showed up on a 4 chan message board being like “So do you know where a guy can unload some bitcoins on some JLaw putang”?    What would happen?  Would I be virtually murdered?  I feel like it would be the scene from when Homer goes to a reggae concert.



It’s just fascinating to me that people have actually been buying and selling these nudes for weeks on the deep black market and nobody in the normal internet heard about it. It’s literally a parallel universe. And now there are civil wars breaking out on the deep black web because some of their inhabitants are mad that they’ve revealed themselves. It’s chaos in a world that nobody knows anything about. But I do know this much.  If the deep black internet explodes it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Banks could shut down, roads could close and we could be on the brink of extinction.   The ramifications will be felt throughout the entire world. All because of unrest on the deep black internet.



PS – I love Spooky Ghost’s speech by the way. “We appreciate your donations and applaud your excitement.”

We applaud your excitement? I don’t think that makes sense does it? Spooky Ghost so hot right now. Spooky Ghost.