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Former Crack Cocaine Salesman Moves On To Much More Addictive Business

First and foremost: what kind of asshole weed dealer mixes brown, brick weed with fresh green delicious marijuana? A gaping one, that's what kind. Don't insult me by telling me it's some "beef and broccoli" blend either. Nah. That's mids and some regular and most certainly a guaranteed headache my guy. Keep that all the way from around me and my family, please and thank you. This type of tomfoolery is exactly why we need dispensaries more accessible nationwide. I'm sick and tired of people lying to me about their "exotic" strains. This is the same shit you gave me last Tuesday pal why on Earth are you trying to tell me it has a different name. 

Thank goodness we got this lunatic out of the drug game and into something much more stringently regulated like baked goods. He can mix whatever the hell he wants in the kitchen now as far as I'm concerned. Carrot cake cookies? Have a ball. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting? Be so daring if you must. As long as he can no longer mix Reggie Bush with OG Kush I'll be able to sleep easily at night. But kudos to this man for being able to transfer his skillset into something he can make legal coin off of. Especially once you consider sugar is probably the most addictive substance on Earth and 45% of American adults are obese this man just expanded his marketability to sizes he never dreamed.