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There Are Lakers Fans Who Think The NBA Being Suspended Is Unfair Because It Hurts LeBron's MVP Chances

Just when maybe the depression of this hiatus was starting to creep in, my timeline was blessed with that tweet and I have to say it's just what the doctor ordered. There really is nothing like delusional Lakers/LeBron fans and I don't mean that as an insult. I myself am fairly delusional about my favorite basketball team so I get it. Crazy recognizes crazy ya know? And while this may be just one caller who is throwing a temper tantrum that the hiatus is unfair because it hurts LeBron's MVP chances, I assure you he's not alone. Go to Twitter and you'll see other Lakers/LeBron fans with this same mentality


and on and on it goes. I've heard a lot of takes about this hiatus and what it could mean for the rest of the season, but I have to say thinking it's unfair because it gives Giannis (AND LEBRON) some extra time to get healthy in the midst of an MVP race is some Grade A homerism. Forget the fact that Giannis was already back at practice and was most likely going to play last night against BOS if the games actually happened. But that's just Lakers fan delusion at it's best. Who cares if we have a goddamn epidemic on our hands, the real issue here is LeBron's MVP chances take a hit! What I love about this way of thinking is that LeBron's showing in one weekend suddenly outweighs Giannis' entire season. Both guys are having tremendous MVP caliber seasons, there is no doubt. Giannis has the actual on court production going for him, LeBron has the ESPN narrative machine. It's a worthy competition that will come down to the wire if games ever come back, but it's still Giannis' to lose.

It's sad really that Lakers fans are relying on a Giannis injury in order for their King to pass him in the MVP race. What a bunch of wimps. Seeing them go after it at 100% strength is 10000000000x better in my opinion. Guess maybe they're just afraid that the ESPN narrative won't be enough if Giannis isn't hurt and continues to win games and throw up monster numbers. Ya just hate to see it.