Strip Clubs Never Miss A Solid Marketing Opportunity

Look I'm not one to question the morality of strip clubs, but I do have to wonder how they are so sure of themselves. I mean with everyone going into quarantine and isolation, Little Darlings is saying we are safe to come there (no pun intended) and be immune to coronavirus while getting knockers thrown around in our faces. That is a big, big time promise from the strip club. Imagine going in thinking you're getting a corona-free lap dance only to wake up the next day with a sore throat and 101 degree fever after Cherry was grinding up against you breathing down your throat? You'd never be able to trust again. Your trust in the modern world would be right down the tubes. If Little Darlings is lying to you, who else is lying to you? WHO ELSE????

The good news though, maybe that's a fun date night with wifey. Every sporting event is shut down, large gatherings are illegal, but the strip club is open for business and promising you a coronavirus-free environment. After 2 weeks of nothing else to do, the strip club is going to become a home away from home. Maybe not even for the normal strip club reasons, but rather just to get out of the house. Something new to do. Maybe just for some good ol' conversation. Anything to get our minds off no sports and this stinkin coronavirus.