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BREAKING: The Masters Has Been Postponed Due To The Coronavirus Concerns


Obviously it's not all that surprising given how everything else has been cancelled or postponed at this point but just imagine telling someone a couple weeks ago that the Masters was going to be postponed. Imagine doing that. They probably would've slapped you across the face and laughed at you until they passed out. Up until like 75 hours ago there was less than a 0.000000000000000% chance the Masters wasn't going to happen on time. It's the Masters! It's the tradition unlike any other! It's Jim Nantz! It's Amen Corner! It's Magnolia Lane! Seriously if there was one thing I never thought I'd see get postponed in my lifetime, it was the Masters. It's a staple of American culture. It's arguably the most famous sporting event in the world. But now that we're fully living in an era where Coronavirus has fully taken over the world? It's not all that surprising that the Masters isn't happening in April. It's just the latest domino to fall in a long line of dominos that began with the NBA suspending its season. Surreal.

It is important to note that it's a postponement and not a cancellation but who knows at this point. The situation with the coronavirus is so fluid that things literally change by the hour. Hopefully things improve over the coming weeks and months and the 2020 Masters happen at some point. It's impossible to predict right now. What we do know is that the Masters has been postponed and will not start on April 9th. Shit had already very clearly hit the fan before this but shit has REALLY hit the fan now. Stunning.