With Every Sport Shutting Down, America's 5th Major Sport - 'The Challenge' - Is Here To Save America

There are a few guarantees in life. Death and taxes obviously, but also a season of The Challenge with a twist that changes EVERYTHING. They even say so in the trailer! That said, now more than ever do we need this season of America's 5th major sport. There's nothing like The Challenge. I know a bunch of us here watch it - obviously the old No Quitters podcast and all the blogs throughout Barstool history - and now we are a few weeks away from ratings through the roof. Look at this cast! 

 This includes longtime vets, Ashley Mitchell, Aneesa Ferreira, Cory Wharton, CT Tamburello, Johnny Bananas, Jenna Compono, Jordan Wiseley, Kailah Casillas, Nelson Tomas, Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal and Wes Bergmann, as well as newer, mostly international players, Tula ‘Big T’ Fazakerley, Stephen Bear, Rogan O’Connor, Melissa Reeves, Mattie Breaux, Josh Martinez, Jennifer West, Kyle Christie and Dee Nguyen.

There will also be seven rookies, who are competing on The Challenge for the first time. These stars hail from other reality television shows. They are: Asa Goren from Big Brother Israel and So You Think You Can Dance, Bayleigh Dayton from Big Brother, ‘Swaggy C’ Williams from Big Brother, Kaycee Clark from Big Brother, ‘Fessy’ Shafaat from Big Brother and American Ninja Warrior, Jay Starrett from Survivor and Ex on the Beach, and Jennifer Lee from The Amazing Race.

You kidding me? We're getting CT, Johnny, Jordan and Wes? We're getting Ashley, Anessa, Jenna(!!) and Nany? Just big names all over the place from the vets. Oh and then the twist that changes everything! TJ announcing that you have to win an elimination to advance? Beautiful. Every season people complain about someone skating by because they typically either suck as a competitor and people want a weak person around for the Finals or they are a mastermind like Bananas. 

The fact is it's competition that America will watch right now. Shit, move this up to start next week! More than ever do we need one of the most beloved people in America roasting people for being idiots during trivia. 

This season looks awesome. Maybe I'm just in bunker mode without any sports on my TV. But the twist, the - as Bananas says - war zone setting, the cast. Give me it. Give me it now. Also, I don't know how yet. But I want to set up some Stoole fantasy league or pool or something to scratch our March itch for this. We need it. 

At least Jenna is back: