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Madison And Pete Announce That They Will Not Be Continuing Their Relationship

Uhhhhh yeah no shit. It didn't take a relationship expert to see that Pete and Madison weren't going to last. Things have not gone smoothly for Pete and Madison........maybe ever? Yeah it seemed like the two of them had by far the best connection during the season but, even with that, there was still the GIGANTIC problem about sex that they just couldn't seem to get past. Pete loves sex. The windmill thing has become cliché at this point but the fact of the matter is he did have sex four times in a windmill. Pete has sex at every opportunity. Madison on the other hand has not had any sex, which is totally fine. Sex isn't everything in a relationship but it did seem like Madison and Pete's lifestyles were so different that it was gonna be tough for them to be compatible outside of the Bachelor bubble. They took all of that into account and decided to not take their relationship any further.

Not to mention Pete proposed to Hannah Ann (I still can't believe that's a thing that actually happened wow) and then broke off the engagement AND THEN tried to get Madison back thanks to a rogue mission by wingman Chris Harrison. Which maybe could've worked but then the sparks didn't exactly fly at the finale. They kinda sorta said they may or may not give it a shot because maybe they still have feelings for each other. Long story short, Pete and Madison were never going to work out and there's a good chance they had already decided they were gonna go their separate ways after the show on Monday night but they made their break up (if you can even call it that) official tonight.

And I know what you're all thinking, all of this means that Barbs wins. No it does not mean that Barb wins. Okay it sorta does mean that Barb wins because Barb was rooting so hard for Pete and Madison to fail. As soon as they said they were going to give it a shot, Barb started praying to God for it to go down in flames. Barb absolutely DESPISES Madison for reasons unknown and had this to say about the potential relationship during the finale 


"He's gonna have to fail to succeed" is one of the most ruthless and cold-hearted things a person can say to another person, let alone a mom to her own son. So yeah Barb wins because she doesn't have to have Madison as her daughter in law, even though it would appear that Madison would make a truly fantastic daughter in law, but Barb doesn't win because she's still one of the worst people on earth. She never even gave Pete and Madison a chance. She crossed the line, going from Caring And Concerned Mom to Complete And Total Psychopath Mom when she made the finale all about herself by bitching and moaning and complaining. Because why? Because Madison made her wait 3 hours in Australia or some other dumb shit? IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU BARB. It's not about you liking Hannah Ann more than Madison. It's about Pete liking Madison more than Hannah Ann. Just be supportive and hope for the best. Barb did neither of those things when it came to Pete and Madison.

But I guess congrats to you Barb, you manipulated your son once again and insulted sweet Madison to the point where it didn't even make it worth it for them to try and make their relationship work. Imagine if they had stayed together and Madison and Barb had to interact in the future? That would've had family fist fight written all over it. I said that the only way Pete and Madison would have a chance was to base their relationship off spite for Barb. Start with spite and build from there. Spite can be a very powerful thing but apparently it's not powerful enough to defeat Barb. Sad. 

By the way, if you weren't already convinced that Barb is the absolute worst, she posted this on instagram just as Pete and Madison put up their posts 

That video is so cringe it makes me wanna get coronavirus.

So that's it. After a full season of The Bachelor we end up with………nothing. It's actually quite fitting. Pilot Pete made so so so so so so so many mistakes that it would've been pretty crazy had he ended up with a success relationship at the end of it. Turns out if you make every possible wrong decision and mistake when it comes to dating 30 women you won't end up with anyone in the end. That's where Pilot Pete landed (final pun). Pilot Pete is not engaged. Pilot Pete doesn't even have a girlfriend (or at least one that we know about. Kelley? Producer?). We accomplished literally nothing. Nothing at all. And you know what? I'd do it all over again in a heart beat.

Oh and I guess Madison is just casually hanging out with Selena Gomez now?


What a world.