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Terrible PR: Grand Canyon Firing Thunder Dan Majerle TODAY; Great PR: Hiring Rick Pitino To Save The Worst Day In College Hoops

You wanna talk about how NOT to properly fire someone? On the day where the entire sports world shuts down, there is literally no news besides what sports are shut down for how long and/or people testing positive for Coronavirus, you decide to fire your coach. Not just any coach either! Thunder Dan Majerle - an all-time legend in NBA Jam and 90s basketball jerseys. 

If you want to fire him, fine. Just wait a few days and then do it because there still be a coaching carousel in the sport. Whatever, it happens. You don't announce it the night that the NCAA Tournament gets canceled. Now that said, there's only one way to save this. 

The man is already heading back to America! Get him on Skype or FaceTime and let's make this happen. Shit he already loves Grand Canyon too! He brought Louisville to play a game there and can't stop raving about it. GCU has plenty of money too! As Vecenie says, there are a bunch of rumors already around about a possible fit and not just screaming about Pitino coming back. Who cares if it's a Christian school and Pitino has had some *ahem* alleged affairs? MAKE IT HAPPEN.