Do You Wanna See Justin Herbert Throw A Football 62 Yards Flat-Footed? You Bet Your Sweet Ass You Do!

If you thought people got excited about weird Pro Day workouts back when there were a million different sports options on TV, just wait until what happens when fans have nothing to focus on but these workouts.  Justin Herbert just went to the top of a shitload of Big Boards for essentially shooting a football free throw that would have gotten him very much murdered if he attempted it during a game because there was nothing else on TV. 

I shudder at the thought of what NFL Twitter would have been like if every single fan of a QB-needy team was watching JaMarcus Russell, Kyle Boller, or Josh Allen uncork pigskins 100 miles from their missile launcher right arms. But if you are a quarterback, or pretty much a player at any position, looking to improve your draft stock, try to do one random thing that may or may not be something you ever do in a game, hope the internet falls in love with you, and all the scouts that were forced to go home convince themselves that whatever you did can help their team next season. That may be all that is needed to take a player from having to earn an invite to camp as an undrafted free agent to hearing his name on draft day.