Tiktok Thursdays


There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a trapezius shot with your boys. Me and my bros used to do that all the time in college, but we would take smalls sips of Malibu out of the space between eachother's Pecs. Everyone used to call us the Small Peccer crew out of admiration. 


To Merle's Wife: Tremendous content! Please keep it up and let me know if you need any tips on transition effects for the app! My DM's are always open :) [Praise god]

To Merle: I will fucking destroy you. 


I thought this was a new pair of brown-on-brown Etnies for a second before realize my fatal error. "There is no number high enough" - Rex Ryan 


I can't decide what about this TikTok gives off the most redneck energy. The barefoot son covered in grease stains and sporting a Joe Dirt mullet? The mom rolling up for a street fight in steel-toe boots weilding a straight-off-the-discount-pile Triple 7 bat? Or maybe the fact that she is packing the world's fattest lip (or her lip piercing got infected, tough to say). 


While all your city slicer cucks are "Working from home" this week (deciding which single game you are going to keep so that you have room to download the CoD Warzone update), your wife is getting these snaps from guys that live in counties with .75 people per square mile. 


Alternate universe Skip Bayless if he never got introduced to Ernestine and fell even deeper into his cowboys fandom.


Big Ev fucking smashed this dismount. In cased you missed your Parole Officer's favorite big boy in last week's blog, his original video was even better. 

I agree with nick, this reminds me of when I was working the mill on a rainy day and my ex showed up with her man trien to get him a job not realizing my paw left me tye saw mill in his will