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My Weed Guy is Missing and may Have Coronavirus

Like most of you, I didn't think Coronavirus would affect me, but unfortunately I have fallen victim to the virus and so has my weed guy whose whereabouts are currently unknown. 

With all of the news breaking about the severity of the virus I started to get really worried. It had been a couple days since i'd heard from my weed guy, which just isn’t like him. I had texted him on Monday in an attempt to schedule a delivery of supplies that could get me through at least 30 days of an at home quarantine and help me fight off the virus, but he never responded. At first I thought he'd probably just taken a major dab hit and temporarily lost the ability to use his thumbs to text back and I tried not to worry. 

I tried to take my mind off it, but with every minute that ticked closer to 4:20 I found myself glancing at the shelf where I keep my half empty weed jar, with increasing frequency. "Would it be enough?" I thought, what if I had to take in others that also smoke weed, could I provide for them? 

With 36 minutes to the zero hour President Trump and members of the Coronavirus Task Force went live with a press conference . I guess my guy saw that press conference too because just a couple minutes later I received this alarming text:

The shit has truly hit the fan.

I knew things were going to get bad, I didn't think they were going to get this bad. Coronavirus has come home and it's uglier than we could have ever imagined. 

I promptly responded with 9x times my normal order and scheduled a time that evening for my guy to come by. But when midnight rolled around and I still hadn't gotten my visit I once again started to get worried. I called but his phone but it went straight to his un-setup voice mailbox. I texted him our normal highly coded communication but received no response. 

As of mid-day on Tuesday, I have still not heard from him and have mentally prepared myself to open my kief box if need be. I did a drive by of a couple of his local hang outs but didn't see him. He wasn't at the music store, he wasn't at the botanical gardens, or at Austin Community College. I'm going to wait a few more hours but if I don't hear from him soon I think I am going to have to submit a missing persons report; I just need to figure out his real name. 

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