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Let's Remember Some Funny Videos From A Simpler Time

Noooooo! There goes the series! Noooooo!

I know a lot of folks out there are having a realllllll difficult time trying to figure out what they're going to do with themselves now that it appears every single sport has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. And I get it. Sports consume so much of our lives between watching them, talking about them, thinking about them, etc. etc. Especially at a time when it seems like we're all going to be spending a lot of time inside doing nothing for a while, not having live sports to watch is a real kick in the balls. 

So what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to read a book? Are we supposed to make conversation with people just about our boring, ordinary lives? Or can we just kick back and rewatch some classic videos to remind us of a much simpler time. I think I'll take that last option.