GODDAMNIT... Baseball Being Pressured To Cancel Spring Training And/Or The Start Of Their Season

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And yet another update as I construct this blog...

Like I said yesterday, no league wants to be "that guy" that doesn't cancel their season/tournament/whatever and has entire stadiums full of people that eventually get infected with this goddamn virus.  Once the NBA suspended their season yesterday, every league on earth was going to follow suit.

Now, take this with a grain of salt because I couldn't confirm it with a second #source yet, but I was told 5 mins ago that MLB has in fact decided to suspend the start of their season.  Again, I cannot confirm that and do not want to be held responsible for pushing #FakeNews, but at this point I kinda think the writing is on the wall as Passan said in his second tweet.

This is so so so so so fucked.  I am so goddamn sad.  We've got no jobs, we've got no sports, OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!  Holy shit am I said.  Hopefully that fucking onion does its thing because I cannot take a life without sports, and even worse, without nicotine:

That's just not a life I want to live…