Russia Continues To Lead The World In Greatest Dash Cam Videos....Here We Have A Fuel Truck Exploding


Metro- The incident in Russia was caught on the dash camera of a car that was travelling on the road when the accident happened. The footage showed a truck losing control in wet conditions and crashing into a lorry head on. Surprisingly the driver of the fuel truck, which seemingly took the brunt of the impact, was unscathed and jumped out of his vehicle immediately after the incident. He even stayed at the location despite the possibility of another explosion. The driver of the car with the dash camera was taking no such chances and backed up his vehicle until it was out of harm’s way.

KABOOM!  Mother fucking fuel trucks blowing up all over the place.  The guy driving that truck couldn’t get out fast enough.  If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, the United States of America needs dash cams.  Russia is absolutely kicking our ass in awesome dash cam videos.  We can’t have that.  We need to beat Russia in every facet of life.  People think Russia is super wild and crazy (and it probably is) but I guarantee the US is almost as crazy.  There’s a way to find out.  Make it mandatory that every car be equipped with a dash cam.  This isn’t political either.  It’s not another way for the government to snoop on what strip clubs or whore houses your’e going to.  It’s simply to get hilarious videos we can post online and laugh at.

Also, did somebody replace the real sounds of the crash and add that horrible music?  Don’t do that.  Don’t ever do that  We want to hear the explosion. That’s like being at a bar during a big sporting event and the people running the bar are playing music over the commentary.  Dumb as fuck.  Let the game noises play and save the music for commercial breaks and half time.