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These Videos And Images Of College Hoops Teams Getting Ready To Play In Front Of No Fans Are Just Flat Out Bizarre

Obviously we knew this was coming and can somewhat picture it, but it's still just bizarre. Sure, these early games don't draw great to begin with but just seeing all these empty seats is weird. Remember, this game is in Indianapolis and Michigan fans would travel to that. 

Hell you look over at the ACC and you can really just see how empty it looks

I've been to a game like this before. It was the tornado game during the 2008 Tournament when the morning after Georgia played Kentucky at Georgia Tech in front of 'limited attendance.' We were able to sneak our way in and it was one of the coolest and weirdest games I've ever watched. You could hear timeout huddles. You could hear play calls. It was eerily quiet and you could absolutely see the players sort of noticing the difference. I can't imagine what it's like now when you have a 'pandemic' vs a tornado that's the reason this is all happening. 

It's supposed to be the best time of the year and most fun time of the year and here we are refreshing Twitter to see what's canceled. It's still all just so crazy man.