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Rudy Gobert Was An Idiot And Touched All The Jazz Players And Their Stuff And Now Donovan Mitchell Has Coronavirus

Oh you thought things were bad when Rudy Gobert thought he was being funny and touched all the mics and tables during his media session? 

Well now we know he was an even bigger asshole and touched all the Jazz players and their shit and guess what. One of them contracted coronavirus. What an assssssshooooollllleeeeeeee. Jazz fans spent last night defending Gobert and his actions, well now what? Now he's infecting your franchise player because he thought the whole thing was a joke. Even if you didn't think it was actually a big deal, is it so hard to just be a normal person and take precautions? Every expert under the sun is telling all of us normal people to not fuck around, wash our hands, and take this serious and then there's Gobert who decided to pull shit like this instead. The fact that he tested positive is one thing, the fact that he was reckless and also infected his teammates is an all time scumbag move. Sure he didn't know he had it at the time, but I'm not sure that is that even close to being the point.  

Think of how this goes. Not only do all the players now have to be worried, but all the teams they played, all the people they may have come in contact with, family friends, whatever. Maybe not all of them are young and aren't at risk. You have to think about the team planes that transported other NBA teams to games, it's a disaster. All because Rudy Gobert couldn't resist being a complete dickhead about this whole situation. I mean this has the potential to get even worse

I don't know what the league can do about this and Gobert's actions but man he has to feel like shit right now, as he should. It feels like this is only the tip of the iceberg too when it comes to players ending up being positive. We're already seeing teams that recently played UTA have to go into self quarantine for like two weeks. Who knows what other players are going to end up being positive after recently coming in contact with Gobert.

Just impossible to be a bigger asshole than Gobert has been during this entire ordeal. Hope the jokes were worth it you idiot.