The NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade Twitter Account Says The Parade Has NOT Been Cancelled (UPDATE: Annnnnd It's Cancelled)

So earlier today a very funny, smart, likely well-endowed blogger here at Barstool blogged a story that was being reported by multiple reliable news outlets about the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade being cancelled. Everyone went about their day to see what the Coronavirus would fuck up next, with European travel, March Madness, the NBA season, and Tom Hanks' health as well as the happiness of everyone who likes Tom Hanks (AKA everyone).

HOWEVAH, the NYC St. Patrick's Day Twitter account seems to disagree with those reports, even if it's an unverified, small account. (JK, it's a nice size account!)

Name a more Irish thing than refusing to back down from a potential dangerous situation and putting your well-being at risk because of pride/tradition? You can't. The New York St. Patrick's Day Parade doesn't give a fuck about some out of towner making his way to the big city and giving a few people the sniffles. That parade has gone on for more than 250 consecutive years through rain, sleet, sun, snow, war, depression, and any other obstacles those prick gods through at the Irish's one day to shine. If the Coronavirus has a problem with that, he can meet the parade on Fifth Avenue next Wednesday morning and deal with the infinity cops, firemen, bagpipes players, dudes in kilts, and just ornery motherfuckers looking for a fight as the entire world burns down. 

It's one thing to stifle a 7' French basketball player that willfully touched a bunch of peoples' microphones. It's quite another to infect the most stubborn people on God's green Earth. So good luck to The Rona and any New York politician trying to shut down the biggest drinking day of the year for some of the bravest and finest New York has to offer. Because I feel like that parade just may go off even if the rest of Manhattan looks like I Am Legend.

UPDATE: Annnnnnnd it's #done*.

*Unless that Parade account has any more fight in it, which as someone who knows a few Fitzys and Sullys, I wouldn't count out.

h/t Mike