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Devin Booker Found Out The NBA Season Was Suspended While Live On Twitch And His Reaction Was Pretty Much The Same As All Of Us

I think Devin Booker pretty matched all over our reactions when we found out Adam Silver smashed the pause button on the NBA season. Nothing but hard WTFs and disbelief. Most people would probably be jumping for joy if they found out they didn't have to work for the foreseeable future. And for all I know Booker did the same once he got off the stream because the Suns are almost definitely not making the playoffs and nothing beats an indefinite snow day without having to deal with any snow. But seeing his reaction live to the Shams Bomb was some pretty real shit.

Same goes for Glenny finding out Tom Hanks got the bug while General Smitty beraded him in typical Smitty speech.

Now lets check in with the Call of Duty producers to see what they think of Coronavirus causing chaos on the internet, shutting down major sports leagues and forcing countless people to work/study from home exactly one day after launching their major update with Battle Royale:

Twitch may be a newer, still growing platform. But seeing peoples' brains explode in real time is actually more impressive than the same OMG quote retweets. I may have to throw the Gametime on the rest of the night just to see what Smitty thinks of the next thing Coronavirus snaps to dust like Thanos.