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Please God Don't Take Baseball Season From Us

Last Night I received this snap chat:

This is the saddest #ScoopCity I've ever reported, but it makes sense.  The NBA also suspended its season for however long after Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus.  Here's the press release:

I'm assuming all other leagues are going to follow suit, too.  None of them wanna be the league that isn't extra precautious and then be ground zero for a massive outbreak of this goddamn virus.

This is fucking INSANE.  And I don't mean insane as in this is a bad move, better to be safe than sorry, I mean it's insane that we're in this situation.  Oh, and here's Rudy Gobert intentionally coughing into mics and rubbing his hands over them to be "funny":

Look, I don't know anything about anything.  But I have also asked a lot of people in the medical field what's true and what's #FakeNews with this virus.  one pharmacist and the rest nurses, specificall.  They have all said the exact same thing: that this virus/pandemic is being somewhat overblown as far as how badly it will affect the majority of the populace.  Now, that doesn't mean they're correct, but I'll take their word for it as they're WAY smarter than I am.  That, and they've talked to their higher ups, who have talked to their higher ups, etc.  They then reiterate that it's important to stay home from work, school and everything else if you're sick and to make a special point to avoid the elderly, infants, and immunocompromised.  

That's the case for not just coronavirus…. but any sickness like the flu or common cold.  Avoid people who can't handle sicknesses as well as a typical healthy person.  I promise I am not trying to come off as insensitive or anything like that, this is what I have been told from real life medical professionals.  Take it as you will.  

So when Gobert says this…

and Tom Hanks, who was also just diagnosed, says he felt like he had a bad cold…

I tend to think what I've been told and many of you have read is probably correct.  But now we have huge cancellations of mass gatherings and sporting events.  What I'm getting at is I'm assuming MLB will follow suit with the NBA and suspend the start of their season like that random snap chat says, at least until this thing is under control. 

Go fucking figure.  I was always kind of joking about how nothing can stop the White Sox from being a really fun team in 2020 other than a goddamn global pandemic.  Well here we are, and it makes me want to fucking cry.  It feels like my dog just got old yeller'd or I just got dumped or something.  That deep, pitting feeling in my stomach.

Please god, don't take baseball season from us.  Figure out how to slow this thing as much as possible or wipe it out completely ASAP.  I'll even personally perform a human sacrifice or some other pagan ritual if need be.  If you need to take anyone, take Carl.  I think that's a fair trade.  

I am sad as FUCK right now.