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There Is Now A Real Possibility The NBA Season Could Go On Hiatus Due To Coronavirus

I know it feels like we're on Coronavirus overload with all this news breaking today with the NCAA, Big3 and all that shit, but this is pretty nuts. My initial gut reaction is the league will move forward with no fans mostly because money and TV deals are a thing that exist, but at the same time who the hell knows? I suppose it would imagine how long they go on hiatus for but you have to think of the future implications like free agency, the draft, the Olympics, Summer League, all that shit. Does all that get pushed back as well? What if we are on pause for like a month plus or something crazy. This season has been so awesome I don't think I'm ready for it to just stop. Granted this would also provide my favorite team some time to actually get healthy so I could be talked into it, but pausing the season with the playoff so close is the ultimate cock tease. I'd much rather have games with no fans, that would be weird but seeing as how now that I live the blog life I only watch basketball from the blogging station it makes no difference to me personally. At least there are actually games being played.

It's pretty crazy when you think about what a hiatus might do to the chances of several title contenders. What if this buys teams like PHI/BOS/TOR even more time to get 100% healthy and have their best players at full strength in an effort to challenge MIL? Now the Clippers have even more time to get their stars healthy to challenge the Lakers? That's a pretty big deal. Same thing with potential playoff seeding. If you're a team that is banged up and has a lot of ground to cover, you go on a break and come back healthy, well now that changes things a little bit. You can play what "what if" game with a billion different scenarios and that's what makes this all so fascinating. 

But when you take a step back and look at things rationally, I can't imagine they actually take a hiatus. Too much money, too many factors that could potentially swing the postseason, just play without the fans. I don't know how you solve the issue of all the people who are losing money by not being able to work at those games, but that's for people FAR smarter than me to figure out.

This coronavirus man, what a pain in the ass.