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BREAKING: The Ivy League Has Cancelled The Rest Of Their Lacrosse Season, Which Includes 3 Of The Top 5 Teams In The Nation

This? This right here? This right here is an absolute disgrace. Listen. I knew it was going to happen. I knew that once the NESCAC cancelled the rest of their spring season for DIII, it was only a matter of time before the Ivy League did the same at the DI level. These nerd institutions that don't give a shit about sports don't care about all the work that these kids have put into the last 4 years of their lives to get to this level. They don't give a shit about what this means to the kids because they just look at it all as "lol sports ball". But what the fuck, man? At least let the kids play in empty stadiums for a week or so to see if this thing can get under control before you just flat out cancel the rest of the season. 

Cornell, Princeton, and Yale are all 3 of the top 5 teams in the nation. Jeff Teat is a generational player. Michael Sowers is a generational player. TD Ierlan is the best faceoff specialist to come through the game. And now all of their seasons and presumably their collegiate careers are over. And again, I'll say what I said in the last blog--I totally understand that **objectively speaking** it is better to overreact to save lives rather than underreact to save seasons. But there's somewhere in the middle that they could have gone to first before just straight up cancelling the rest of the season. And even if you give these kids an extra year of eligibility, how many of them are actually going to use it? It's a goddamn shame, is what it is. 

And even though it's just the Ivy League out of the scenario now, what happens with the rest of the season? You can't have a national champion without having one of those 3 teams in the mix? You can't have a national champion without teams having to go through the Ivy first. You can't have a Tewaaraton Winner without having Michael Sowers in the mix. This entire season is just one giant asterisk now. Might as well just shut the whole thing down. 

And again, I know that COVID-19 is serious. I know that we should all be taking preventative measures to do whatever we can to slow down the spread of this thing. But have a fucking backbone one time for me, Ivy League. From now on just stick to being nerds without athletics because you've gone and ruined this whole thing.