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Instagram Model Raises Awareness For Coronavirus The Only Way She Knows How...By Stripping Down To A Bikini In Times Square And Telling People To Wash Their Hands

Source - From infectious hand-washing PSAs to grapefruit masks, people around the world have conjured up ever-inventive measures to fight coronavirus.

However, one enterprising Instagram star is raising awareness in a more direct way: by donning a skimpy swimsuit in public and simply telling bystanders to wash their hands.

“It’s pretty crazy we need to remind people in the first place to wash their hands, but hey, I’m here to remind them,” says Pennsylvania’s Samantha Marie Gangewere, 28, who frequently shares saucy snapsto her 500,000 ‘Gram gawkers.

Now the bombshell has taken her exhibitionist talents to Times Square, where she can be seen posing on a bench in a revealing orange swimsuit and surgical mask. To drive the point home, Gangewere totes a cardboard sign scrawled with the message “wash your damn hands.”

You never want to give credit to those who chase tears, but I gotta say, at the end of the day Samantha Marie is doing a good thing. She's may only be trying to get attention/followers or what have you, but the message is there. "Wash your damn hands." It's what the CDC is saying to do, it's what doctors are saying to do, it's what everyone is saying to do to prevent this damn disease from spreading. The only issue is that she herself might catch a cold considering she's out there buck naked. The again, the cold doesn't really seem to bother her...

Neither does the heat…

or fires 

or chess games 

or tennis balls 

or 2002 Mitsubishi Gallants

or rough surf

or tigers

or spilt milk

Nothing seems to bother her. So I guess keep doing what you're doing, Samantha. Hopefully people will heed your advice!