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So Some Guy Claiming He Was God Rammed A Landscaping Truck Into The ABC2 News Station And Barricaded Himself Inside With An Armed Weapon




CBS  – A potentially armed man has barricaded himself inside of Baltimore television station WMAR after crashing into the lobby with a stolen dump truck. The man initially tried to gain entry to the station while screaming “let me in” and that he was God, according to WMAR reporter Brian Kuebler. When he was denied access, the man got into a landscaping truck and rammed the lobby at least three times. The truck came to rest completely inside the lobby of the station, according to a tweet by WMAR’s digital producer. SWAT teams have joined a heavy law enforcement presence that includes Maryland State Police and Baltimore County officers at the station. Mike Masco, a meteorologist at the station, reports the man has made it to the second floor of the building. Police discovered weapons inside the man’s vehicle, according to Masco.


Don’t know what this guy’s motive is, but clearly he doesn’t need one. He’s God. Who does WMAR think they are not letting Yahweh all up in their house? Just a rule of thumb, when somebody says they’re God, you let them in.  Whether they actually are or not doesn’t matter, because anyone who’s off their rocker enough to claim to be God is crazy enough to drive through the lobby of a news station. So yeah, maybe rethink your security procedures when it comes to allowing almighty beings in and you won’t have to replace your lobby doors.



In all seriousness though, glad everyone at WMAR appears to be safe. Guy is apparently still inside, but the SWAT team seems to be pretty on top of it.


PS: How about their news account still churning out scheduled tweets? Think you’ve got bigger fish to fry than the popularity of lax right now.